Socially Accepted Addiction.

Before I begin, I would like to add that I do feel showcasing fitness/health/exercise on social media as a negative, it can be a very positive tool to motivate yourself and can be utilised for charitable events etc – which is very beneficial. Also, what I have written in this blog is just my opinion.Continue reading “Socially Accepted Addiction.”

How years of surfing in Scotland made me a better overall athlete.

I remember in 2016, I was at the Scottish National Junior Championships in Thurso. I stood on the headland, clutching my surfboard, absolutely petrified as I watched ‘mountains’ of water appearing on the horizon and then crashing into the reef. It quickly became my time to paddle out through the ‘Sh*t Pipe’ – a nameContinue reading “How years of surfing in Scotland made me a better overall athlete.”