Socially Accepted Addiction.

Before I begin, I would like to add that I do feel showcasing fitness/health/exercise on social media as a negative, it can be a very positive tool to motivate yourself and can be utilised for charitable events etc – which is very beneficial. Also, what I have written in this blog is just my opinion.Continue reading “Socially Accepted Addiction.”

Gratitude and how it can be utilised in sport.

Yesterday I was running with one of my close friends and during the run we had a discussion about gratitude. Something I feel I forget to practice a lot in my life and in sport. Using gratitude to push through hard challenges such as exams at university or a hard training session can be veryContinue reading “Gratitude and how it can be utilised in sport.”

The importance of Failure.

Have you ever wondered why we are consumed by fear when we hear the word failure? See, we have been taught that failure is related to when something bad occurs such as, failing an exam which in the end will have a consequence. However, we are rarely taught to view failure as a positive. KeepingContinue reading “The importance of Failure.”

My unorthodox new year’s resolution and the search for discomfort.

What is your 2021 new year’s resolution – Is it to cook one new meal each week or to read more books? For my resolution, I decided to try and build a tougher mindset and learn how to find comfort in uncomfortable situations. Why you may ask? Well the answer is simple really. 2020 wasContinue reading “My unorthodox new year’s resolution and the search for discomfort.”

How my first ultra-endurance challenge changed my mindset towards life.

If someone was to ask you, what is your most valuable mental skill – would you have an answer? For me, it would be discipline and mental resilience, an answer I would never have found without completing two ultra-endurance challenges. Early last year, as 2020 was getting considerably worse, I decided to see how farContinue reading “How my first ultra-endurance challenge changed my mindset towards life.”